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Multifunctional soalr animal repeller
The product uses ultrasonic, infrasound, gunshot and flash light to deter unwanted birds, dogs, cats, boar, deer, moles, voles, mice, rats and other wild animals. The power is solar energy and no wire connected. So it is appropriate to install the item in the farm, garden, lawn, nursery garden, manor, or others in the wild.
The item uses PIR theory and it can control the working way automatically. It works via gunshot, ultrasonic wave, infrasound, and LED flashing light and these frequency changes at times which birds and other animals feel as uncomfortable and irritable and then evacuate the area. When at night, the ultrasonic and flashing LED work. When daytime, the infrasound and gunshot work.

*Solar panel:7V 90MA Poly silicon
*Rechargeable battery:4*AA battery
*Standby current:0.6MA
*Working current:<95MA
*PIR:110 degree

Middle light : Two side four LED flash light, while the item is working, LED will flash.
Left/Right side: Speaker, while the item is working, speaker will make sounds like gunshot,
One side can emit ultrasonic.
Middle point: Light sensor
White window: PIR                                                                                                             
Battery: 4*AA side 1.5V
Bottom:Alumnium pole.It´s can insert in the soil.

1.Multifunctioonal:repel bird,pigeon,bat,sparrow,rat,snake,dog,cat,elephant,fox.
3.Installation:Two installation
                      roof,tree,apply for airport,wind plant.
                      also can insert in the soil. apply for garden,lawn,farm,house.

MEAS:47.5x 30 x 33.5cm