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Insects Repeller
VS-327 AC plug multiple insect repeller
Which vermin is PEST Repeller effective against?
Extensive tests have demonstrated PEST OFFENSE is effective in eliminating:
Our customers have also reported PEST OFFENSE is effective against:
·Flies·Moths·Silverfish·Ants ·Spiders·Centipedes.
CAUTION: DO NOT use PEST OFFENSE if you have one of the following pet rodents:
·Hamster·Gerbil·Guinea pig·Or any other pet rodent
PEST OFFENSE does not wish to harm your pet rodent.

Naked product weight(g): 108g
Product weight(g): 150g
Voltage: 230 VAC~50Hz
Europe plug voltage :220V 
USA plug voltage:  120V  
Power Consumption:  3.5W 
Variable frequency:  20KHZ-45KHZ 
Fixed frequency :  50KHZ

How to use PEST Repeller?

1.Plug the unit into an electrical wall outlet. If the outlet has a switch please ensure,
The switch is turned on at all times.

2. After connecting with electricity, the dual system(Electromagnetic and ultrasonic wave) starts to work at the same time. The Red Led flashing indicates that the electromagnetic is working. The electromagnetic works interval; during the off cycle the red light will turn off. The Green Led flashing indicates that he Ultrasonic wave is working. The ultrasonic works continuously;

3. The ON/OFF button on left side of device is for controlling the night light. When the device is at ON mode, the photoinduction on front side of device start to work; When the environmental lighting is bright, the LED will be off automatically and when the environmental lighting is dark, the night light will be on automatically. When the device is at OFF mode, both night light and photoinduction will be off.

4. The mode on right side of device is Ultrasonic function;
FIXED—Fixed frequency ultrasonic wave;
VARIABLE—varied frequency ultrasonic wave;


QTY per carton: 30 pcs
Carton size(cm): 41x33x29cm
N.W/G.W (KGS): 4.5kgs/5kgs