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Insects Repeller
VS-326 3 in 1 AC plug insect repeller
pest repellent is equipped with a nightlight that provides a soft glow in the dark, ideal for kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

The device is working by Electromagnetic waves and ultrasonic waves.
Electromagnetic waves, when the red indicate light lighting, it means the electromagnetic is working, and working 180 seconds, then interval 180 seconds.
Ultrasonic Waves, there are two different working methods, one is variable sweep ultrasonic, frequency is 20KHZ--40KHZ, and the fixed frequency is 55KHZ.
Night light, there is a on/off switch for the night light, if no need we can choose to turn it off.


Just plug the device in the place which you need. If need the LED night light, then turn it on, otherwise turn it off. And choose the ultrasonic method from variable or fixed.

Leaving the repeller plugged in for year round, day and night pest control. No more dangerous chemicals to buy, no more messy traps to clean when you apply the device.



Weight: 120g

Voltage: 230 VAC~50Hz

Power Consumption: < 3.5 W

Frequency: Fixed frequency is 55KHZ

Variable frequency 20,000Hz - 40,000Hz (irregular variation)

Inner package white box/Color box
Unit size(mm): 120x74x68 mm
Carton size(cm): 33.5*34*41.5CM
N.W/G.W (KGS): 6.8/7.5KGS